The Bristol Shakespeare Festival was founded in 2003, and since then has been run by a team of dedicated volunteers passionate about bringing the freshest, most exciting productions of Shakespeare’s plays to some of Bristol’s most beautiful and unusual spaces every summer during the month of July.

We’ve hosted companies from across the UK—and beyond!—and staged productions all over the city. Our touring companies have performed in spaces including Redcliffe Caves, Brandon Hill Bowling Green, Leigh Woods, Boiling Wells Amphitheatre, and every year the list grows!

A group of volunteers gather in a pub garden, watching someone speak.

Festival Co-ordinator
Fabi Melegari

Communications Co-ordinator
Elinor Lower

Festival Designer
Afi Walker

Marketing Officers
Justin Stathers, Jack Wride, Fiona Wellstead

Festival Producer
Helen Orphin

Volunteers Management
Cat Smith & Richard Farrer

Events Manager
Shona Rachel Waterhouse

Partnerships Producer
Chloe Rebecca Narey

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