Folksy excited to be back

14 June 2021

Folksy is run by husband and wife team, Tom and Lee Hardwicke. The company is in it's 12th year and tours open air venues such as amphitheatres, Castles and gardens throughout the summer and theatres and indoor venues throughout the winter.
It's been a long and tough year and a half for the theatre industry and we're really excited to be back on the road and especially back at Bristol Shakespeare Festival, which we have been part of since 2011. We perform at Boiling Wells Amphitheatre every year, which is a really special venue for us and we have lots of amazing memories of. We are also performing at a new venue as part of the festival this year, Almondsbury Creative, which looks amazing and we are very excited about!
All our productions use talented actor/musicians, so the shows are filled with bold characters, lots of humour and live music. We have had to adapt to the ongoing restrictions (which means no more filling up on the audiences picnics throughout the show!) but our shows are still very interactive, fun and accessible for all.
We can't wait to hit the road!