Fun walks & trips with Natural Theatre Company

14 July 2021

"Right everyone - let's do some culture!" exclaims Director Andy Burden as he greets the actors. "But, let's make it really good fun!"

Two of the cast are walking around Bristol with Andy trying to pin down the final details of the Bristol Harbourside route.  

"I can do my pratt-fall there!" exclaims actor Ali Campbell. But Administrator Georgie and Director Andy are worried about her breaking her knees in the course of 20 shows. Suddenly the hunt is on for a softer landing place for Ali's comedy trip.  

Shakespeare Undone is a surprising performance - immersive and totally accessible. The Natural Theatre Company has been producing immersive wandering performances around the globe for 51 years (but do we really count 2020? Let's say 50), and in 2018 the company decided to turn their creativity to a truly accessible interpretation of the Bard.

"People often ask us who translated it into modern language - but it is genuine Shakespearean text - it is just so vibrant that everyone gets it," says Actor Eamonn, "it is great fun to perform!"

The show is introduced as a reworking of Shakespeare's long lost first play "The Moor The Merrier" - in fact it is a fabulous vehicle for a mash-up of great characters and scenes to create a new plot that feels "very Shakespeare".

"It is probably my favourite Naturals show" says the Company's Artistic Director Andy Burden. "I love the fact that it makes people properly howl with laughter - and also get a bit romantic too."

The team carry on finding the best places for the route - and making sure that Ali's knees will be intact by the end of Sunday 8th August.

Dates & times of upcoming shows:

- Friday 30th July 6pm or 7pm

- Saturday 31st July 3pm, or 4pm or 6pm or 7pm

- Sunday 1st Aug 3pm, or 4pm or 6pm or 7pm

- Friday 6th Aug 6pm or 7pm

- Saturday 7th Aug 3pm, or 4pm or 6pm or 7pm

- Sunday 8th Aug 3pm, or 4pm or 6pm or 7pm

Duration: 1 hour

Walk distance: just over half a mile – on level