His & Hers bringing the Bard to life

14 June 2021

Here at His & Hers Theatre Company, we couldn't be more excited to finally be taking Shakespeare on the road again!

From rehearsed readings, to live streams, to slipping a Shakespeare song or two into our travelling musical revue shows, we love to bring the Bard to life in any way we can. And for this year's Bristol Shakespeare Festival, we're embarking on our most ambitious project yet - Marcus Antonius.
Taking material from Julius Caesar and Antony & Cleopatra, we tell of the rise and fall of one of Shakespeare's truest yet most tragic heroes, Mark Antony. These are two of the Bard's most famous plays, and though they were written separately to tell two very different stories, taken together they create a captivating portrait of the man who was there when history was made, as mighty empires rose and fell, yet remained forever guided by his heart.
The women of these two epic plays shine a great light, or cast a great shadow -  sometimes both - on the lives of the men who history remembers as great. And with just two performers taking on the entirety of the story, the relationships between the men and women in the midst of these world shaping events is at the heart of the whole performance. With simple sets and costume changes, the two of us aim to show you what these men and women went through, deep inside, while world shaking history happens outside. And don't think you'll just be sitting idly in the audience watching it happen, either - when you come to the show, you're part of the show!

Stephen's performance digs deep into the feelings and philosophies of each of the men who made history happen, and what made them the men they were. Meanwhile, Sandra's ability to transform from one leading lady to another, and give each of them a real and unique voice, is something akin to witchcraft. 
Wait, the witches are another play... well, maybe next year!