What to expect from South Devon Players

14 June 2021

So - show background. Basically with the pandemic as it is, we have been working online to create theatre - this is hopefully nearing the final run of the digital-only shows, before we get back to the live stuff in August. While we are mainly a historical and classical-literature themed theatre company, we do allow ourselves more freedom when styling Shakespeare, so this is a kind of lightly post-apocalyptic setting - think after some major natural disaster

The actors and crew have been coming together twice a week to rehearse and get used to working with digital backdrops, creating a performance using Zoom as the stage. One of the brilliant things about working online is that we can potentially reach so many more people. Our (on-stage) Shakespeare show in 2019, Macbeth, won a theatre award in New York due to people being able to view online.

We have been working on Henry V since March getting everything perfect; we have a brilliant cast of Southwest-based actors and crew, and with it being online, you can watch from the safety and relaxation of your own home meaning that in terms of physical accessibility, and covid-safety, you couldnt get much more user-friendly; all you need is a laptop, tablet, phone, - or internet enabled TV - and a reasonable internet connection.

For the first time (but also something we hope to do for future productions) there is an accompanying free education pack including behind the scenes videos, links to study materials, and a video of ten words specific to the show in British Sign Language, so for anyone studying Shakespeare as a hobby or at school, they have access to a lot more than simply an online performance.